Review – David Myles

Album: Real Love
Release Date: September 15, 2017
Genre: Rock/Roots

In New Brunswick, we like anything big; potatoes, lobsters, axes, and this Fredericton-born artist – David Myles. Myles released his album, Real Love today and I can honestly say it is fantastic.

This album channels a 50’s-60’s vibe where influences like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash are easy to pick up. Songs like “Night and Day” has the distinct twang of a Cash song, mixed with the vocal styles of Presley. As a person who grew up listening to these legends even though I was born about 40 years later years later, there is something to appreciate about someone who can make their music relevant again yet making it their own. Myles accomplished this flawlessly.

The thirteen-track album is just an explosion of excitement and comfort. It’s the kind of album you can put on whether you’re happy or sad, driving or walking, or if you just need some background music – just make sure you’re not somewhere you have to sit still. Even writing this review I’ve caught my head bobbing here and there and that I’ve been bopping side to side for about three songs now. Not to mention, the song, “Easy,” will have you swaying. It is an album that can move you both emotionally and physically.

As if I haven’t completely complemented the album enough, here are my top three tracks: “Real Love,” “Cry Cry Cry,” and “Crazy to Leave.”

Connect with David Myles:

I’m an aspiring entertainment journalist from Fredericton, New Brunswick.

I have an always growing passion for music of all genres which drives my motivation in the world of journalism.

I am also very interested in psychology and that influences my curiosity of others. I love talking and engaging with people. Everyone has a different story, and I cannot wait to hear them. Journalism is to me, the best of both worlds.

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