Review – Space Club Foundation (SCF)

EP: EP 2
Release Date: August 25, 2017
Genre: Rock n’ Roll

Silver Creek, Ontario brings us Space Club Foundation a.k.a SCF, an intrinsic rock group who has released their new EP, EP 2. It is packed full of variety, sure to have listeners of every genre moving and grooving along.

“Dawnsong”, the first track off of EP 2 is a folk meets rock tune, with a really creative composition. Incorporating sounds of nature with rock heavy vocals and a groovy soundtrack, “Dawnsong” is sure intrigue audiences into seeing what else SCF has to offer.

“Fun Key Town” is a more mellow tune, almost an indie rock kind of vibe. From the bluesy vocals, and harmonies to the calm guitar tones and steady beat, versatility is the name of the game, and SCF are winning.

“Riding In The Rain” shows off another side of SCF – smooth rock. Vocal harmonies that will give listeners chills and a beat to have them toe-tapping along – this tune is sure to get stuck in your head. Giving off a sense of melancholy, all while feeling uplifted gives “Riding In The Rain” an edge.

“Iron Eyes” is a psychedelic masterpiece. Similar in style to “Riding In The Rain”, with a twist of an otherworldly vibe, “Iron Eyes” gives listeners the best of SCF – incredible vocals, energetic and intricate. SCF released a music video for this tune, and it perfectly captures the essence of creativity this rock n’ roll band gives us. Check it out HERE.

Finishing up EP 2 is a ballad titled “Long Road Home”. Drifting back to the folk meets rock roots, this tune is the ballad listeners didn’t know they needed. Composed of beautiful melodies, passionate vocals and swaying sounds, “Long Road Home” is the perfect ending to such a complex EP.

Connect with Space Club Foundation:

I’m Kait, a budding journalist, and self proclaimed feminists at the University of Toronto. I’m a full time student, full time cat lover with a passion for writing, adventure and thrifting. The local scene is what really got me into music – I love local bands, and seeing the talent that exists! I’m an indie/ alternative girl at heart but, like most, I’ll listen to just about anything.

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