Matthew Byrne to begin two-month tour this week

Newfoundland traditional musical artist Matthew Byrne will be headed on a two-month long tour in just a couple of days. It’s a true Canadian tour, with stops in Vancouver and St. John’s, and a scattering of places in between. As well as releasing three solo albums since 2010, Byrne is a singer for The Dardanelles. The tour is in support of his third solo album released in August—Horizon Lines. Check out the long list of tour dates here, as well as options for tickets!

Connect with Matthew Byrne:

I’m Shayla, and I was born in Saskatoon but moved to Halifax in 2013 for University. I’m currently studying for my degree in Interdisciplinary Design (focusing mostly on graphic design), after switching from studying digital and film photography for about 2 years. I love everything about music and how it has the ability to bring so many people together from across the country and even the world. Most of my friends that I regularly talk to and hang out with I’ve met through us sharing the same love for bands and artists! My passion for music is one of the reasons I moved East to pursue a design degree, as I would love to do graphic design within the Canadian music industry one day.

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