Review – Joseph Of Mercury

EP:  Joseph Of Mercury
Release Date: September 1, 2017
Genre: Indie/Pop

Rising Toronto singer-songwriter Joseph Of Mercury bursts onto the music scene this September with his self-titled EP. Alongside the release of his stripped-back live video for his track “Without Words”, the six-track EP is set to dazzle with its slow-burn synth.

With its baritone vocals, pulsing synth-pop, and early-70’s atmosphere opening track “Do You Remember” is a futuristic kaleidoscope of sound. Drawing from influences David Bowie, Elvis Presley, and Future Islands, “Do You Remember” is a memorable, wholly original track that will linger long after the song ends.

Late-track crooner “Find You Inside” showcases Joseph Of Mercury’s vocal and tempo range, slowing it down to a simmer while still retaining its bubbly synth backdrop. An example of pitch-perfect vocals hand-in-hand with an irresistibly catchy chorus, “Find You Inside” is just one of the many highlights of the EP.

Fun, sensual, and toe-tappingly captivating, Joseph Of Mercury is a promising debut EP that will leave audiences pining for more.

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