Review – Honest and the Crow

EP: As We Know It
Date Released: August 5, 2017
Genre: Alternative Rock

Honest and The Crow is a duo of rockers from Vancouver. Comprised of Maxton Cunningham (vocals and drums) and Rio Breakell (guitars, keys and more) the band officially formed in 2016, even though the two have been playing together since 2012. The band has undergone a number of changes ranging from a jazz ensemble to a four-piece rock band and finally settling on a rock duo. Featuring 5 eclectic new tracks that range between a number of styles is their debut EP, As We Know It.

As We Know It opens up with “Death, Please Do Us Part”, a bluesy, guitar heavy track. The grinding guitars keep a steady pace throughout the song but begin to zig-zag near the end. Sounding like a hoard of angry bees, the guitars erupt into a whirlwind of sound, with the heavy drums adding depth to the opening track.

“Heavy Hearts, Heavy Boots” is the next track on this EP. The song sports the same guitar style as heard on the first song. It has a similar riff, similar grinding guitar sound, and heavy drums. The whirlwind guitar sound can be heard on this number as well. The differences between the first two tracks are very minute and do leave the listener wondering if the entire EP is going to sound like the same. However do not fret, As We Know It only gets better from here on out.

Changing up the sound a bit is, “I Want What I Want (You To Go Away)”. Heavy ‘90s guitar style can be heard on this track. This song is definitely a beautiful mess of sounds. Early Arctic Monkeys sound is present on it, and its guitar riffs make it a reminiscent of the Scorpions’ “Rock You Like A Hurricane”. If this wasn’t enough, the screaming classic-rock-style guitar solo ends with guitar work that is very, very similar to the iconic riff of “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath.

“Grass Woven Wedding Rings” is a song that will make you wonder if you’re listening to the same EP. It’s a simple acoustic number with a number of percussive instruments adding to it. This track definitely sounds like a reminiscent of the ‘60s and ‘70s rock style. It destroys any doubts sewn in by the earlier tracks whether or not Honest and The Crow could play around with different sounds. Coming after loud, grinding guitars, the acoustic number is refreshing and proves that the Vancouver rockers can dabble with a quieter sound and still do it justice.

Closing off the album is the 6-minute epic, “The Mountain”. It opens up with short bursts of flourishing cymbals. The steady guitars and pulsing drums begin to crescendo as the song continues. The Anthony Kiedis style vocals add a touch of nostalgia to the song, while the instrumental sound manages to keep it sounding almost futuristic and psychedelic. Waning out “The Mountain” is an impeccable track and finishes off the EP on a strong note.

As We Know IT is definitely an interesting piece of work. It only gets stronger and stronger as it goes on, and gets better with each listen. Honest and The Crow show a lot of promise with their driving guitar tracks and are the ones to watch. Something tells me that these songs are likely to be massive live anthems.

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