Riverfest Elora – Photo Review – Day 1

Day 1 of Riverfest Elora brought a crowd out to celebrate life, love, community, nature, and music. As usual, the performances were stellar, and we had a blast covering the likes of Mother Mother, Saya, Monster Truck and more.


Safe as Houses:

Mother Mother:


Monster Truck:

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I shoot live music performances and concerts. I love the excitement of entering a venue, knowing that I’ll be photographing a concert and enjoying the energy of the crowd. There’s nothing like being in a venue and looking at the expressions on the faces of people who are all transfixed by the talent onstage. I shoot about 120 shows each year, averaging 2 bands per show, as well as several all-day and weekend festivals in and around Southern Ontario. From the large venues to very small ones, bright lights or barely lit stages, I hope that my photos capture the enjoyment the artists have in doing what they love to do.

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