Review – RoyalFuzz

Album: MammothFuzz
Release Date: July 31st, 2017
Genre: Hard Rock

Toronto hard rock outfit RoyalFuzz have released their explosive eighth studio release, MammothFuzz!  Aside from being their eighth EP, MammothFuzz is the band’s seventh release in the last two years, following in the theme of titling the record after badass animals- the previous two being titled SharkFuzz and GorillaFuzz).  This ongoing theme not only offers a sense of continuity between the band’s work but the use of strong animals, many of which known to kill and eat other animals in order to survive – and because of this are often coveted in a mythicized sense of fear and danger- accurately reflects the manner in which RoyalFuzz likes their rock & roll: hard hitting, loud, aggressive, and raw.

The album wastes no time getting started as the band blasts into “Manic Fever” a track as influenced by that of early Black Sabbath as it is by the Foo Fighters.  The chorus is catchy, and it is not hard to imagine a sold out crowd singing along as the incendiary guitar solo and lead lines elevate the song to a whole new level.  Much like the rest of the EP, “Manic Fever” is incredibly modern, yet it could easily fit into both the early 1970’s hard rock scene as well as the glam metal of the mid-1980’s.  Guitarist and Songwriter Eddie Orso proves to be incredibly dynamic and creative as the songs are arranged in a way that allows for RoyalFuzz to sound timeless as they teeter between classic and newer inspirations while also managing for the band to sound both glamourous and gritty in a unique and juxtaposing manner.   David Ambrad’s voice remains powerful even at the top of his range where he most resembles Sammy Hagar and Vince Neil while also being able to deliver screams in the tone of Bon Scott, all the while the rhythm section of bassist Nick Kruppa and drummer Scott Corman manage to keep a nice groove going while also holding down the fort with a very heavy hand.

It is very difficult to pick one of the five tracks which stands out and above the others.  It is clear that RoyalFuzz carefully and meticulously crafted MammothFuzz to be a record that was beyond well written and masterfully performed, giving the album a both a fiercely strong first impression as well as the polished finishing effect that can sometimes be absent or lacking among some of today’s up and coming rock bands.  Whether it be the gritty and dark “Kerosene Eyes”- a song that sounds like the perfect combination of Stone Temple Pilots and Black album era Metallica- or it be the blisteringly heavy closing track, “Final Wake”, RoyalFuzz prove to be a band at the top of their game with each song shining bright and standing unique to each other.

I cannot give MammothFuzz enough praise.  Immediately, within the first seconds of the opening track, “Manic Fever”, I was hooked and since then, I have listened to the record many times while also recommending it to all of my friends.  RoyalFuzz sounds larger than life, and if I was not given their press release, then I would have automatically assumed that they were a well-solidified band on an international level.  They sound that good, in every regard.  Hands down, this is among one of the best sounding records I have heard from an up and coming band.  Much like the title of this and their past records, RoyalFuzz is a band that can proudly stand at the top of the Toronto music scene just as a shark, gorilla, tiger, and to some regard, a mammoth stand at the top of their respective food chain.

Connect With RoyalFuzz:

I’m Gerrod, a Toronto based writer and musician. As soon as I started drumming, music became one of my greatest passions. Since then, I have also picked up the guitar, bass, and a hint of the piano. I am currently studying music and education at York University, and drum in a local hard rock band, One In The Chamber. This puts me right in the heart of Toronto’s growing music scene.

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