Review – Jason Buie

Album: Driftin’ Heart
Release Date: Available Now
Genre: Blues

A charismatic, rollicking good time—that is the overriding nature of BC-based singer-songwriter Jason Buie’s newest album, Driftin’ Heart. Buie is a veteran of the Canadian music scene, and it shows: a melting pot of gumbo, funk, and soul, the eleven-track collection is a homage to that classic straight-and-true New Orleans blues, and its nippy rhythm will keep both longtime listeners and casual music fans on a leash.

Jaunty “A Fool From The Start” draws the curtain back on the album. With a heavy emphasis on toe-tapping guitar riffs, Buie’s sizzling vocals, and the blissfully uncomplicated lyricism that carries forward throughout the track list, Buie evokes an easygoing drinks-by-the-lake atmosphere not unlike Stevie Ray Vaughn.

That atmosphere is an overcurrent throughout the entirety of the album, including late-album “You’re Sweet”. Retaining its classic Texas Shuffle drawl, “You’re Sweet” doesn’t veer from the album’s steady rhythm, but instead focuses on keeping that sprightly vibe going—and succeeds.

A lively, classically catchy album from start to finish, Jason Buie’s Driftin’ Heart is the perfect pick-me-up for anyone bored on an uneventful summer’s day.

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