Day Trip releases new single, “Electric Lillies”

Toronto rock trio, Day Trip is made up of Nathan Jesionka, Thomas Sawa and Scott Hannigan. The three have released a new single entitled “Electric Lillies”. The single is upbeat, intense and a perfect addition to any summer playlist. You can’t help singing along with the lyrics, and I bet you’ll want to jump up and dance around the room in no time! When asked about the track, the band states:

“We were inspired to write a tune that people could both dance and listen to depending on the mood. Kind of a musical ‘choose your own story’ type thing. It started out as a sunny guitar riff, which gave birth to a weighty chord progression and the song started taking shape,” says guitarist-vocalist, Thomas Sawa of the songwriting process. “We played it instrumentally for a while with a feverish urgency to it (probably the stupid amount of caffeine in the room), and that vibe sort of dictated which direction the lyrics wanted to go. So, there’s a bright and fun side to it, but also a desperate one. And, that duality is something that resonated with us.”

Connect with Day Trip:

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