Review – Unbuttoned

Album: Liquid
Release Date: August 8, 2017
Genre: Alternative

Unbuttoned released their new LP Liquid on August 8 and it proves to be an interesting mix of techno beats and unique vocal combination. Liquid is very much a suiting title to describe the entire album mix. The strength of the vocals is what pulls the album together to make a very unique sound and over all, very well produced album.

“Bedroom Fall” has to be my favorite song on the album.  A catchy melody is what makes you want to sway to the beat. The lyrical sway and upbeat tempo of the song makes it one I will be adding to my summer playlist.

“Soft Thing” is multi layered in transitions of vocals, melody and tempo, which makes it difficult to place just where it belongs.

“Crystal Growth” is a faster beat with a unique blend of vocals that I can see being a hit at any alt-pop festival.  This is one groovy song!

“To The Water (full)”, “Catch Me I’m Fallin”g, and “Womxn Cry” are very trancy with a  build of both liquid vocals and trancy electronica and jazz instrumentals.

“Sending Psalms” and “My Hormones” have nice acoustics melded with very liquid melodies and electronic instrumental vibes.  Totally chill tunes to sit back and vibe with.

Overall – the vocals are strong with this album and overall very well produced.  If electronica/jazz/psychedelic pop is your thing, you will thoroughly enjoy this album.

Liquid – Track Listing
01. EP8
02. Bedroom Fail
03. Soft Thing
04. Crystal Growth
05. To The Water (full)
06. Sending Psalms
07. Catch Me I’m Falling
08. Ocean Cliffs & Green Hills
09. My Hormones
10. Womxn Cry
11. Serene

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