Review – Resurgence

Album: Besieged
Release Date: August 1st, 2017
Genre: Metal

Vancouver, BC’s Resurgence have released their latest record, Besieged!  The heavy metal outfit, consisting of vocalist Parker Lane, guitarists Ron Holloway and Bryan Gobbi, drummer Alex Gain, and bassist Fabian Popovici, recorded their eight track album at Raincity Records.

The opening song, “Entombed Inside Your Brain”, takes the listener from a heavy crawl and without warning, throws them into a blistering and unrelenting spiral of progressive metal which quite apparently is greatly influenced by Lamb Of God.  Immediately, I must praise Alex Gain for his insanely precise and clean fills- even at high tempos- and creatively written parts.  Not only does this give Resurgence a sense of groove and a different tone from most metal bands, it further connects the band to Lamb Of God due to the stylistic resemblance between Gain and Chris Adler.  “Entombed Inside Your Brain” continues to shift paces and styles throughout different sections that each transition seamlessly, demonstrating a masterful level of song writing and tightness as a band.

Similar in tone to “Entombed Inside Your Brain”, Besieged moves forward at a relentless and unforgiving pace.  The album blends together hard-hitting metal driven by blast beats and breakdowns while fusing together a progressive edge that allows for the music to shift, giving each song (none of which are shorter than four minutes) a rich soundscape and variety from within the track.  This is most apparent in the previously discussed “Entombed Inside Your Brain”, the melodic build up throughout “Thy Divine Convalesence”, and the crunching “Your Time Has Expired”.  When Resurgence chooses to take a more straightforward and modern metal approach, the results are just as polished and spectacular as when they dip into the progressive side.  “In My Grasp” comes to mind with its incendiary guitar solo and hard hitting and rhythmic power chord driven groove; along with the true, unfiltered heaviness of “Sodomy By Chainsaw” a track which simply refuses to let up.

Resurgence’s Besieged is an excellent record which takes much of today’s modern metal- whether it be heavy or progressive metal- and takes it to a whole new level with an uncompromising level of musicianship from the band as a whole.  This is an album fueled equally by Resurgence’s desire to create an insanely heavy record as it is by their ambition to break into the metal scene in a big way.  Underneath the impressive solos, the growling vocals, and the thunderous volume, the sound that underlines Besieged is that of hunger and the result is one of the strongest metal records I have heard from an up and coming band.  Without a doubt, Resurgence is a band to watch out for.

Connect with Resurgence:

I’m Gerrod, a Toronto based writer and musician. As soon as I started drumming, music became one of my greatest passions. Since then, I have also picked up the guitar, bass, and a hint of the piano. I am currently studying music and education at York University, and drum in a local hard rock band, One In The Chamber. This puts me right in the heart of Toronto’s growing music scene.

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