Review – Western Jaguar

EP: Memorial
Release date: July 28, 2017
Genre: Indie-Rock

BC-based indie group Western Jaguar wows with their newest release, Memorial. Drawing from a heavy post-rock influence, Western Jaguar’s sound is drenched in guitar, percussion, and hard-hitting drumbeats.

Opening track “Banquet Hall Love Story” is a melancholic, lyric-oriented crooner that will satisfy fans of Mogwai and 65daysofstatic. Saturated in their post-rock influence, Western Jaguar hits all the right notes with their guitar riffs and soaring climax, bringing the definition of “atmospheric” to the next level.

Late-track “Violet Sweatshirt” hits heavier and grittier, its slow, husky lead vocals giving way to a head-banging clash of instrumentals. Masterfully crafted, uniquely composed, and lovingly arranged, “Violet Sweatshirt” blooms into a rock track with distinctly grunge roots, bringing a whole new flavor to the EP.

Daring, stark, and grippingly put together, Memorial is a punchy EP that’s sure to steal hearts this summer.

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