Review – Lara Antebi

Album: Skin Collection
Release Date: July 20, 2017
Genre: Folk

Montreal born and based singer Lara Antebi released her debut album Skin Collection on July 20th. This album tells many stories of letting go, while delivering a raw and honest spirit that would strike a cord or thought in anyone listening in. Most of the songs on this album feature soaring melodies, with a fresh young folk rock sound.

“Fake It” is a very nostalgic and playful song which makes it a great listen. It definitely draws you in from start to finish.

Another one of my favourites on the album is “Tomorrow” it features a great melody and is a soothing song. All about focusing on today and worrying about tomorrow when it comes along.

Lara has a passion for folk music, as it shows evidently to anyone listening to this album. She draws you in with her whimsical voice and lyrics. I very much enjoyed listening to this album.

Connect with Lara Antebi:

My name is Marianne and a music lover from Nova Scotia. I am a full time working mom of 2 beautiful girls who are full of life and love. I have an absolute passion for music and writing, I jumped at the opportunity to freelance for Canadian Beats. I love local music, I grew up in a family full of Gaelic singers in Cape Breton but I also have a passion for country and just about anything else that catches my ear. Writing gives me something of my own that is completely out of my day to day activity, it somewhat allows me to escape my everyday.
When I am not working, writing and hanging out with my husband and girls, I am running, reading or riding my horse.

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