New Music Video From Ryan Laird

In May 2017, Canadian Country Music Artist, Ryan Laird, released his single, “Gamble On Love”. Now, two months later, he has released the music video. This is a fun video where we get to see Ryan as he showcases the iconic city of Nashville, gets completely destroyed in a water fight, engages in adult potato sack races, and attempts to “dab” in the middle of Broadway! If you have ever been to Nashville, you will appreciate the familiar scenery.

Connect with Ryan Laird:

Hello everyone! My name is Linda and I have been a fan of Canadian Music for as long as I can remember. That counts for way too many decades than I want to admit to! I have three primary passions in my life, music, photography and writing. When I can combine them all, I feel I am right where I should be. Though I can appreciate all genres of music, my particular favourite is Country. Canadian Country is moving in leaps and bounds. I love how it is progressing and I’m thankful that I can be a small part of it.

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