Audio Interview – Tim Hicks

Photo Credit: Nanci Dagg

Tim Hicks has been lighting up stages like crazy, not only shaking the walls, but tearing them down on his Shake These Walls tour.

He was recently in Toronto, where he’ll be playing again in August at the Budweiser stage, for a private event at Grace O’Malleys. He says its a pub that gave him his start.

I had the chance to speak with the incredibly humble Tim Hicks at that event.

Connect with Tim Hicks:

Jordan Freeman graduated from the prestigious radio broadcasting program at Humber College in April.

His curious, friendly, and outgoing personality saw him excel in the announcing pathway, though he has an apt for creative writing, production, news, social media, and to an extent, sales as well.

Jordan tried in back to back years to be one of only about 70 accepted into the program at Humber, and it’s with that same passion and dedication that Jordan conducts thoroughly entertaining, captivating, and in-depth interviews which often offer up facts and details of those he interviews that have not been known by many prior.

Jordan also hosts a Canadian country music countdown show on 96.9 Radio Humber or associate station, Radio Humber 2.0 called Jordan Freeman’s True North Country Countdown where he focuses on themes or the small artists, recently, he has been working towards incorporating his interviews into feature episodes.

Jordan’s main musical tastes are classic rock on which he was raised by his family and country music.

You can drop Jordan a line anytime at if you want to talk about music, his passions, your passions, or anything, even if you just want to share your thoughts with him.

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