Review – Trevor Kidd

EP: Hiraeth
Release date: Available Now
Genre: Rock

Having exploded onto the scene in 2013 with his single “Little Dreamer”, which featured members of Billy Talent and Sum 41, Victoria-based Trevor Kidd now reestablishes himself as a fierce independent artist to look out for with his debut EP, Hiraeth. Stemming from a Welsh word with no direct English translation, the definition of hiraeth alludes to both a yearning for the past and a grief for those who have passed away, and that literary undertone permeates the entirety of the EP.

Passionately original, masterfully produced, and deeply personal, Kidd combines the formulaic genius of previous rock mega-hits with a take modern enough to entice both hardcore music fans and casual listeners. Early-album track “These Years” is a display of earnest, from-the-heart songwriting. A combination of sheer professionalism and raw talent as both a vocalist and a guitarist surging to the forefront of the track, stating itself as a timeless anthem right off the bat.

“Ink” takes on a grittier edge, upping the tempo into a riff-heavy, downbeat-central head-banger that is at once touching due to the depth of his lyricism and a track that wouldn’t be out of place at any rock concert. A lean, traditionally earworm track, “Ink” shines a light on Kidd’s vocal range, its rasp never once missing pitch in a way that is uncommon in the modern music scene.

A true musician to his core, Kidd stuns with Hiraeth’s production quality, as well as with his skill as a soloist, guitarist, and songwriter. With this EP having been just recently released, it’s only a matter of time before he takes the music scene by storm.

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