Nice Horse release video for “Pony Up”

Nice Horse call themselves The Zac Brown Band in miniskirts; The Runaways at a hoedown; The Spice Girls on a whiskey bender.  They have released their very first official music video for their single, “Pony Up”, which was filmed at Boots & Bourbon Saloon in downtown Toronto.  Our own Orest Dorosh was there to capture the concert the night of filming, which you can check out here.

Connect with Nice Horse:

I’m Nicole, a biology teacher by day, but my life revolves around music. I’m that girl that you will always find with the concert t-shirt on and ear buds in. It is rare that you find me without some type of music playing in the background. I connect all of my life experiences to music. It truly has its own language in my heart. There is nothing more exciting than taking in all that a concert has to offer. I love to support local Canadian acts and attend as many shows that I can.

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