Pre-Release Review – Screaming at Traffic

Album: S. A. T. EP.
Release Date: July 11, 2017
Download to come
Genre: Punk Rock

Winnipeg punk rockers, Screaming at Traffic will be dropping their debut EP of the same name on July 11. Canadian Beats was lucky enough to get an early listen.

The EP has four tracks and my favourite is “Monstrosity”. It’s one of those songs that you can easily jam to with lyrics that are easy to follow and relatable.

As a whole, the four tracks are on the heavier side of punk rock, which is a nice change to most songs of that genre. The vocals seem to be a bit deeper than the typical “punk voice”. I think this is a really good album to show the diversity and ability within a certain genre to stretch even its own typical barriers.

I hope that there will be more from Screaming at Traffic and I look forward to hearing what’s coming next.

Connect with Screaming at Traffic:

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