Review – Willolux

Album: Thread & Tape
Release Date: June 23, 2017
Genre: Indie/Folk

Blending the whimsical allure of the 70’s with lyrics grounded in the relatability of today, Vancouver-based Willolux is making waves with her new independently-released album, Thread & Tape. Serene, saturated, and eliciting an aesthetic sort of synthesia, the 9-track album is a contemplative close-to-home crooner perfect for both rainy afternoons and star-filled summer nights.

Opening track “I Remain” is the one that pulls the curtain back. Atmospheric acoustics, a sleepy downbeat, and an emphasis on the  vibe of the song sets the tone for the remaining 8 tracks, establishing Willolux’s simplistic style from the get-go.

That being said, mid-album track “Modern Day Maestro” encapsulates all of Willolux’s strengths—borderline psychedelic downbeats coupled with a down-to-earth brand of lyricism—with an added jaunt to its beat and an extra layer of cleverness to the chords.

Fresh, lulling, and diverse, catch Willolux’s  upcoming summer dates for a taste of a modern twist put on classically catchy tunes.

Connect with Willolux:

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