Review – Anela & The Early Hours

Album: Yesteryear
Release Date: June 16, 2017
Genre: Indie-pop

Sometimes we all need something clean. Something pure and unaltered. And while my friends would joke that I’m obviously getting my drugs from the wrong people, sometimes this can apply to music as well. It’s easy to get bogged down in the mire of over-production in music and forget what simple, clear, heartfelt music can sound like. You don’t realize how muggy your musical ear gets until you get a raw, simple voice that cuts through it.

With their debut album, Yesteryear, London, Ontario’s Anela & The Early Hours slices through the funk and offers up a plaintive, earnest sound that is refreshing in its simplicity. With unpretentious lyrics and a humble sound this 7-track LP feels young but is definitely not twee. The songs tend to bleed together at times with not quite enough to set them apart from each other in regards to tone and musicality, however this is most likely due to inexperience than inability. I look forward to hearing more from this little band in the future.

The music industry can be unforgiving but I see good things for this group; Anela & The Early Hours are bravely throwing themselves out into the wild unknown of Canadian music and I think they may just leave a mark.

Connect with Anela & The Early Hours:

I’m Emily Frewin. I remember my dad teaching me how to take care of a record before I knew how to tie my shoes. Laying on the floor of my living room listening at full volume to a new album or bathing in the glory of an old one was how I spent most of my childhood and adolescence. Writing and music have always been important to me, so I’m very excited to be writing for Canadian Beats. I have a dog, a husband, and several children, some of which may or may not be mine. I spend my days fighting off the on-set of dementia by working for a Geomatics company, listening to music, trying to sell my children, watching movies, and planning out how to kidnap Idris Elba. I also own a T-Rex costume.

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