Review – Shadows of Everest

Album: Idle Hands
Release Date: June 9, 2017
Genre: Metal

Shadows of Everest, after 3 years of working on their craft  to produce their first EP, Idle Hands.

The metal infused rock album is seven songs infused with the vocals that are influenced by rock/metal greats. There is definitely some great riffs and lyrics in the music, however, there is something about this EP that missed its mark.

The vocalist JV, has a lot of sound like modern bands like Volbeat.  And when you vocals compare those of Michael Poulsen, you better be on your A-Game.

For me, JV just did not hit the mark in a lot of the songs, and the melodies are weak.  Sure, you don’t get a lot of melody in metal, but that is the issue.  If you are going to try, you damn well better make it work.  I am not saying the vocals were horrible, they just needed a little more work and practice. They need more power behind them.  More growl, more … umph.

The instruments are strong on the album.  JV does a great job with the guitar work as well as  Shaun Cowell on bass and drummer Matt Burton on drums.  From time to time however, the guitar riffs pulled away from the other instruments, leaving an impression that the album was a “look at what I can do” on the guitar, and not about the art of the song composition.

Although I think they may have slightly missed the mark on these songs, we have to understand that this is a new band.  3 years is not a long time in a band career, and I am sure with some more time, production and guidance, they will lock down the sound to make a new, amazing raw follow up album that will blow the roofs off all the houses!  There is a LOT of potential here.  There is GREAT talent, and with more time, I know they will keep moving forward.  Don’t lose momentum boys, this rock chick wants to see what you come up with next.

Connect with Shadows of Everest:

My Name is Norma. I am an Office Administrator/Resource Coordinator/Mother by day and Photographer/Freelance web designer/Social Media Assistant/Coach in my spare time. Born and raised in Small Town Nova Scotia, music has become the foundation in my life that never changes or goes away. I combine both my passion for music and photography capturing the live moments for all to see.

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