Review – Nuclear Oath

Album: Toxic Playground
Release Date: June 9, 2017
Genre: Hardcore Metal

It’s time to put your mosh pit helmets on. Nuclear Oath released their newest album, Toxic Playground on June 9, 2017, it features savage vocals and crazy melodic instrumentals. So let them show you how things are done in the metal scene!

“Nuclear Oath” brings that deep essence of life and death that we all come to understand in the end. It tells of the similarities we share in life, as well as when we die. Each death is different. Grab what you can in life and enjoy every moment. Make sure you check out this track, get some good speakers and rock the hell outta your neighbourhood.

“Forsaken Wasteland” is a song that is literally all about current events. Nuclear wars and burnt cities with a crispy black earth surrounding the rumbles of chaos. It’s a track about all that’s wrong with nuclear and it’s also a song stating that you have no choice but to push through and keep your head attached to your body!

“Faith Let Go” is all about destroying your life and reconstructing it to make it better and more what you want it to be. It’s time to let go of the faith and everything you once were and to rebuild your mind, body and soul to push through these hectic times.

So make sure you support these five guys from Medicine Hat, Alberta. I know that town as I use to be an oil field guy and I had seen some pretty rough bar fights there…possibly caused by Nuclear Oath getting the crowd of people ready to scrap it out like us good ole Canadians do. Follow them here on their sites and support the NuMetal scene.

Connect with Nuclear Oath:

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Born in Kingston, I grew up with the likes of Dan Akroyd and his blues influence and also The Tragically Hip, plus live shows downtown in the streets and country bands in the pubs.

I love music in all forms and genres. I can adapt my ear to enjoy and appreciate all instrumentals and vocals. I started writing about certain artists that I grew up listening to and then I reached out to artists for interviews. I have done over 20 interviews with artists and CEOs of industry companies from all over the world.

Now, with Canadian Beats I have an opportunity to improve my journalistic abilities and to get the word out there for artists, and best of all to go to shows and get that personal feeling. I get to represent Canadian music on a higher level. We need to open more doors and have more shows and venues, as well as get the world to come to us. That is my goal.

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