Photo Review – The Planet Smashers & Danny Rebel and the KGB

Who: The Planet Smashers & Danny Rebel and the KGB
When: June 3, 2017
Where: Elora Brewing Company, Elora, ON

When Montreal’s The Planet Smashers come to Elora they are greeted as friends. The group lead by band founder Matt Collyer have been playing the the area for the last several decades. Their high energy 3rd Wave Ska remains fun and danceable. Brought in by the Riverfest Elora group and their music label  Dead Radio, Love the Smashers turned the brewery into a skankfest. This time around supported by Montreal’s Danny Rebel and the KGB whose reggae/rock-steady tunes got the sold out crowd warmed up for the main course.  Danny Rebel and the KGB were in high spirits as they had just released a new record the day before. Ska music is still alive and well and when it comes to your town you should seek it out!

Danny Rebel and the KGB:

The Planet Smashers:

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Connect with The Planet Smashers:

Connect with Danny Rebel and the KGB:

Live music photography allows me to combine two great passions. As a life long music fan and off and on photographer this a great match. From shooting small dark shows that leave me cursing the lack of light but energize me with their intensity, to large venues where larger than life productions entertain and amaze I am a fan of them all. I love living in the small town of Elora and continue to be amazed at the great calibre of musicians that come through this part of Ontario. Hoping to share some of this musical talent through my photography.

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