Review – The Barrowdowns

Album: Come What May Come
Release Date: May 19, 2017
Genre: Alternative/Folk

Halifax based folk band The Barrowdowns, have released their full length album Come What May Come on May 19th.  The album was released at the Seahorse Tavern in Halifax on May 17th, in the form of a live show.

The album is made up of diverse instrumentation and beautiful five part vocal harmonies, that give the album a very unique folk sound. This was my first time listening to the band and they won me over with their eclectic folk songs. Fans of the band and folk music will be sure to enjoy listening to the album release, as I did. It is incredible how five people can mesh and create such beautiful and calming music together.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to the album. The eleven track release opens up with “Landlocked”, a harmonized song of instruments that gives fans a taste of what to expect throughout the whole album.

“Mockingbird” the albums first single is one of my favorite tracks, it grips your attention right to the end while stomping your foot to the tune. It has an east coast sound, most folk fans will enjoy this track.

“The Imposter” is another great folk song, being a Maritimer I appreciate and love folk music. This is a powerful song about the struggle of never really being in silence, and having mistakes that burden our minds.

I recommend this album to any fan of The Barrowdowns or any folk music lover for that matter. I really enjoyed listening to each track, this is one talented group!

Connect with The Barrowdowns:

My name is Marianne and a music lover from Nova Scotia. I am a full time working mom of 2 beautiful girls who are full of life and love. I have an absolute passion for music and writing, I jumped at the opportunity to freelance for Canadian Beats. I love local music, I grew up in a family full of Gaelic singers in Cape Breton but I also have a passion for country and just about anything else that catches my ear. Writing gives me something of my own that is completely out of my day to day activity, it somewhat allows me to escape my everyday.
When I am not working, writing and hanging out with my husband and girls, I am running, reading or riding my horse.

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