Photo Review – Nice Horse

Who – Nice Horse
When – June 1, 2017
Where – Boots and Bourbon, Toronto, ON

The ladies of Nice Horse (Kaley Debra, Katie Marie, Brandi Caroline and Krista Lee) were performing for the filming of their single “Pony Up” at Toronto’s Boots and Bourbon. If you haven’t seen them before, make sure to go and see them. They are just fantastic live.

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Connect with Nice Horse:

I shoot live music performances and concerts. I love the excitement of entering a venue, knowing that I’ll be photographing a concert and enjoying the energy of the crowd. There’s nothing like being in a venue and looking at the expressions on the faces of people who are all transfixed by the talent onstage. I shoot about 120 shows each year, averaging 2 bands per show, as well as several all-day and weekend festivals in and around Southern Ontario. From the large venues to very small ones, bright lights or barely lit stages, I hope that my photos capture the enjoyment the artists have in doing what they love to do.

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