Photo Review – Iduna

Who: Iduna, Bike Club & Return for Refund
When: May 13, 2017
Where: Adelaide Hall, Toronto ON

Talk about rock and roll! I had the pleasure of attending a pretty badass show with headliner Iduna with supporters Return for Refund and Bike Club. I felt a true rockstar vibe as I walked into Return for Refund’s set and instantly energized to their hardcore sound, it was really cool seeing how these guys start up a crowd. Bike Club proceeded with playing their first show at Adalaide Hall with a new front man. I was totally digging the hipster vibe off their sound. Iduna followed after the small yet impactful band with a nostalgic rock type sound, with some amazing lyrics. I cant quite put my finger on it but they reminded me of a band I grew up with. They were awesome to watch! Would definitely see them again!

Return for Refund:

Bike Club:


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