Review – Sebastian Owl

Album: From The Ashes
Release date: April 4, 2017
Genre: Rock/Folk

Earthy, unedited, and energetic, Manitoba-based band Sebastian Owl are hitting home with their 9-track album, From The Ashes. Folk at their roots, the group draws inspiration from Blues and Country, blending it together in a myriad of jazzy instrumentals and harmony-rich choruses.

Lulling summer crooner “As She Loves Me” kicks the track list off with a song rich as country soil; lyric-heavy and atmospheric, the band’s ambiance is solidified through both their front man’s gravel voice and the cascade of the guitar and the melodica frothing in the background.

By comparison, late-track “Yesterday Never Comes” showcases a gritty, Bluesy twist on their home-grown sound. Consistently compelling, jazzy, and catchy to both music veterans and genre newbies alike, the album closes with a flourish that does nothing but invite applause.

The band has grown from their humble beginnings in 2010, and if From The Ashes is any indication, they’ll only keep plowing onwards.

Connect with Sebastian Owl:

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