Photo Review – No Time For That Country Music Benefit concert

What: No Time For That Country Music Benefit concert
When:  May 13, 2017
Where:  Wolfville Farmers’ Market – Wolfville NS

The No Time For That Country Music Benefit concert was held this past Saturday night in Wolfville Nova Scotia.  Some of the finest Country Music artists came out to show support for this amazing cause.

No Time for That is a Charity to raise awareness for the Anti-Bullying Society, created by Charity and Concert Organizer Elsie Morden.

The night was a very intimate night with some of the most humble, down to earth people you could have on stage.  The night was filled with stories of struggle, people bonding together and moments of laughter as they raised money to help spread the story endurance throughout all the schools across Canada.

Elsie should be proud of her work with this event.  It was an amazing night had by all.

Tyler Deveau:

Elsie Morden & Kenny Byrka:

Jason Price:

TJ King:

Kevin Davison:

JD Clarke:

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