Gnash Rambler have teamed up with AllAboutTheRock for their new lyric video “I’m Het”

The Vancouver gang, Gnash Rambler have teamed up with AllAboutTheRock for their new lyrical video “I’m Het”

The lyrical video includes various shots of their live shows, cliparts and horribly-hilarious spelling errors.

The track is off the band’s self-titled which was just released this past March. The full stream of their album can be heard on their Bandcamp. The album fuses some classic anthemic punk riffs with a nice variation of bubblegum pop harmonies.

Vocalist Nick Venditti comments on the album “Many of the songs are just me reflecting on where we’re going these days. The anxiety felt by so many folks on account of all the crazy things going on in the world and even crazier things going on closer to home. We have probably always lived in interesting times, but because of technology our ability to be aware is always going to be at odds with how we process our feelings.” 

Connect with Gnash Rambler:

I’m Phil and 27 years old. I’ve been involved with music as long as I can remember. I’ve worked as a backstage hand, stage crew, street-teamer with Union Events and various labels, been in and out of bands and started my own magazine; Attainable Magazine. In which I focus on band interviews and had the opportunity to sit down with names such as William Control, Real Mackenzies and I Prevail. As well photograph others such as August Burns Red, Silverstein, and Protest the Hero. Though I tend to gravitate towards the heavier styles; punk, metal, hardcore, and so forth. I do end up at any other show I can get too. I originally had gone to university to pursue broadcasting with a minor in photo-journalism but after a year left to continue to purse music on my own terms. If I’m not at a show, I’m either at a record store adding to my ever growing collection. In my free time I also model and practice body-suspension. You can always feel free to contact me on my other social medias.

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