Photo Review – Port Cities

Who: Port Cities
When: April 13, 2017
Venue: Schooner Showroom, Casino Nova Scotia
Where: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s own Port Cities played for a packed Schooner Showroom at Casino Nova Scotia Thursday night. In 2015, three talents—Breagh Mackinnon, Carleton Stone and Dylan Guthro—joined forces and formed Port Cities together, and this show was for their debut album launch. They mesmerized the crowd with their talents, while mixing in smiles, tears and laughter with the stories they told, and their lyrics. I went into the concert not knowing much about them, but was a fan by 2 minutes in, and left with their CD in hand! The CD features 12 songs including my favourite from the night, “Astronaut.” If you have the chance, I strongly recommend you check out a live show of theirs, or even just listen to some of their music!

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Connect with Port Cities:

I’m Shayla, and I was born in Saskatoon but moved to Halifax in 2013 for University. I’m currently studying for my degree in Interdisciplinary Design (focusing mostly on graphic design), after switching from studying digital and film photography for about 2 years. I love everything about music and how it has the ability to bring so many people together from across the country and even the world. Most of my friends that I regularly talk to and hang out with I’ve met through us sharing the same love for bands and artists! My passion for music is one of the reasons I moved East to pursue a design degree, as I would love to do graphic design within the Canadian music industry one day.

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