Review – Prozzäk

Album: Forever 1999
Release Date: March 31, 2017
Genre: Lovesick Euro Pop

Perhaps the most unexpected album of the year? Who would have thought that 12 years after their last album, Prozzäk would be releasing new music. Not that I’m complaining, I loved their first three albums. They came out a time in my life where I needed them. The hopelessly romantic Simon was someone I could really relate to.

Once again Simon (Jay Levine) and Milo (James Bryan McCollum) are back with their fourth album Forever 1999. The album starts off with two distinctly Prozzäk sounding songs. “Love me Tinder”, which is their first single, and “All of the Feels”. Prozzäk once again does a great job at injecting commentary about current internet culture into their lyrics.

From here on we pretty much take a departure from Prozzäk’s previous albums, and move into the evolution of their sound. “Love Fools Anonymous”, which was previously released as a single, and “If We Were in the Jungle” are very fun, catchy dance songs.

The album’s title track, “Forever 1999”, is also the album’s anthem. It also feels like an anthem for me. It’s very interesting to be in the right time frame as the song you are listening to. Just like when the Barenaked Ladies song “Grade 9” came out, I was in grade 9, they also used to call me Eddie. One of the cool things about getting older is all the memories you collect, so this song really hits at the nostalgic bone in me.

We continue on with another previously released track “Pussy Cat Pussy Cat” and the slow yet funky “Ooh La La”, followed by the return of the Milo solo song, which was missing from the album Cruel, Cruel World, the uber sexual “Hot”. “Can’t Lick This Love Thing” is kind of an indie pop song which deviates from the rest of the album, and then finally we end with “Anticipation”, which is the album’s heartbroken ballad.

In reviewing this album, I’ve listened to it a lot. At first I wasn’t sure, if the world needed another Prozzäk album. But with repeat listening, this might actually be my favorite Prozzäk album (and yes I listened to the others a lot). What I find interesting about this band, is that they aren’t really stuck in one genre. They move from dance driven pop songs, to rock songs, to romantic love songs with ease. I really enjoyed this album, and I encourage you to have a listen for yourself. Otherwise, it sucks to be you.

Connect with Prozzäk

Game Designer and photographer, who owns 3 guitars, but cannot play any of them, despite being able to read music, and play the trumpet. Music has always been a part of my life. From the time I could walk I used to run around the coffee table to the tempo of Dueling Banjos. I don’t remember how old I was when I went to my first concert, but I know I was so young the loud music made me cry. It was the Beach Boys btw. Since then I have tried to get to as many shows as possible. Even traveling great distances for shows. I am here to help share my love of photography and music, but capturing as much as the passion our Canadian artists give to their craft as I can.

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