Pre-Release Review – Brodie Moniker

Album: Nowhere Left To Ghost
Release Date: March 25, 2017
Download To Come
Genre: Progressive Rock

Brodie Moniker has been involved in the Canadian music scene for the last fifteen years, playing in bands, Pandacorn, Brain Sauce and Fancy Diamonds. Now, this Regina based artist is releasing his first solo album, Nowhere Left To Ghost.

With hints of Frank Zappa, David Bownie and Jack White, this mixed genre album comes packed full of eclectic songs. Track two, “No Better Place to Be” reminds me of Jack White meets Led Zeppelin. The first single, “Push Play DJ” is an upbeat pop tune with a strong guitar riff that gives a slight blues edge.

With seven tracks on this debut release, you get hit with a strong mix of styles; blues, psychedelic rock and metal being three of these. With Drake Mark on drums and Steve Leidalon on bass, the 3 musicians created an album that’s full of musically diverse songs which come together to generate a strong, yet unique release.

Connect with Brodie Moniker:

I fell in love with live shows when I saw my first concert at 8 years old
and it is love affair that has been going on 42 years.

I started writing for two Canadian music magazines in order to write and photograph the great live music scene that was going on around me. I enjoy Blues, indie- rock, motown and old fashioned rock and roll from the 50s to 70s. I will go to intimate house concerts, local clubs and the way to big arenas to see good live music. When not at a show, I will be at home in my garden listening to my latest acquired album.

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