Review – Hearing Trees

Album: Puppets
Release Date: March 7, 2017
Genre: Rock

For their short, simple, straightforward 3-song EP Puppets, Winnipeg’s Hearing Trees took over a bar in January and recorded the three tunes live hoping to capture the raw essence of the performance. What they got was an elegant sound with rough edges, like a well-loved blanket.

Frontman Graham Hnatiuk’s unique vocals channel those of Michael Stipe of REM and a younger Matthew Good leaving the listener feel a familiarity not many musicians can evoke and his understated lyrics, while seeming gentle, carry bite as Hnatiuk comments on the facades and disposable nature of our current society.

If you’re looking for a short, uncomplicated EP to explore and are fans of REM, National. Matt Good, or Editors, this is a nice fit to that niche.

If you’re interested in checking them out, Hearing Trees will be appearing at CMW in Toronto in April 2017 and an album release party will be held in Winnipeg at the Park Theatre on April 12.

Connect With Hearing Trees:

I’m Emily Frewin. I remember my dad teaching me how to take care of a record before I knew how to tie my shoes. Laying on the floor of my living room listening at full volume to a new album or bathing in the glory of an old one was how I spent most of my childhood and adolescence. Writing and music have always been important to me, so I’m very excited to be writing for Canadian Beats. I have a dog, a husband, and several children, some of which may or may not be mine. I spend my days fighting off the on-set of dementia by working for a Geomatics company, listening to music, trying to sell my children, watching movies, and planning out how to kidnap Idris Elba. I also own a T-Rex costume.
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