Phone Interview – One Bad Son

West Coast rockers, One Bad Son released their latest single, “Raging Bull” yesterday via 604 Records/Sony Music Canada.  Fans have been patiently waiting the release of new music from the band as they have spent the majority of 2016 in the studio and are being rewarded with what is likely to become a summer anthem as they have plans to tour across the country.  Canadian Beats contributor, Nicole Wolfe, had the chance to catch up with the band’s lead singer, Shane Volk, to discuss their new song and what this eventful 2017 will hold for them.  You might even hear Shane share a few little-known tidbits about himself!  Check it out below and don’t forget to get your own copy of “Raging Bull“!

Connect with One Bad Son:

I’m Nicole, a biology teacher by day, but my life revolves around music. I’m that girl that you will always find with the concert t-shirt on and ear buds in. It is rare that you find me without some type of music playing in the background. I connect all of my life experiences to music. It truly has its own language in my heart. There is nothing more exciting than taking in all that a concert has to offer. I love to support local Canadian acts and attend as many shows that I can.

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