Pre-Release Review – Joe Borowsky

Album: Theories
Release Date: February 22, 2017
Genre: Folk/ Rock/ Alternative

London, ON local, Joe Borowsky comes in strong with his new release, Theories. The instrumentals and strong vocals that Joe brings to this album and the well-produced tracks kept my attention throughout the entire album.

I am certainly going to be supporting him one hundred percent in his journey to elevate his love for music. There are many tracks on this album that I enjoyed, as I have been listening to it for a few days now. I am having a hard time deciding which of the tracks stood out to me the most, so I will choose a few at random.

“Theories”, which is about the feelings behind all the theories you have when it comes to a relationship, and also why the other person has been acting the way they do towards you. It may be the silent treatment, or just outright nastiness. Then suddenly the other leaves, and that’s when all the theories disappear.

“Be My Fate” is a moving track representing the promises and moves we make to ensure that our loved one feels their possible best, even in dark times. It also shows how the dark clouds will be chased away with the sunlight you can bring into that person’s world.

The last track that I’ll touch on is “Rebels and Warriors”. This song is all about letting go of the fear that you may hold, and having the freedom to go dance in the streets, and not letting anyone hold you back.

I cannot overstate this, Joe Borowsky shows his strengths in this album, and I recommend you head to his website to pre-order this album.

Connect with Joe Borowsky:

Inspirational Interviewer and Promotional music lover for artists.

Born in Kingston, I grew up with the likes of Dan Akroyd and his blues influence and also The Tragically Hip, plus live shows downtown in the streets and country bands in the pubs.

I love music in all forms and genres. I can adapt my ear to enjoy and appreciate all instrumentals and vocals. I started writing about certain artists that I grew up listening to and then I reached out to artists for interviews. I have done over 20 interviews with artists and CEOs of industry companies from all over the world.

Now, with Canadian Beats I have an opportunity to improve my journalistic abilities and to get the word out there for artists, and best of all to go to shows and get that personal feeling. I get to represent Canadian music on a higher level. We need to open more doors and have more shows and venues, as well as get the world to come to us. That is my goal.

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