Review – Elliot and The Audio Kings

Album: Elliot and The Audio Kings-S/T
Release date: July 30,2016
Genre: Blues, Swing, Rock

This band Elliott and The Audio Kings has a great summer and pub music vibe. They hail from the Kitchener and Waterloo area in Ontario, which I’m sure has a good amount of places to jam!! You can tell the experience in the instrumental play and lyrics in their tracks.

Mike Elliott on the guitar/vocals, Jonny Sauder on drums, and Scott Fitzpatrick on doghouse bass create Elliot and The Audio Kings.

These are 2 of the songs that I enjoyed on their new album,

“Another Day Another Dollar”:

This is a song about working for a living, 6 days a week with the “another day and another dollar” mentality. The lyrics talk about spending your paycheck on beer and chicken wings, until the next one comes along. The only way to earn that dollar is by earning your keep even though no matter how hard you’re working, you never seem to get ahead! Love the energy in this song; it will certainly keep you moving.

“Jealous kind”:

An amazing lengthy track with awesome guitars singing loud and a slow drum beat with lyrics about his woman in the corner talking to another brand new band. This by far is my top blues drinking song. I like songs where they show their instrumental talents and keep the same pace.

Please come out and support this band or grab their album off the site in the beginning of this review and follow them on their media sites here:

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