Review – Doghouse Rose

Album: Bourbon & Gasoline
Release Date: June 7, 2016
Genre: Rebel Country

Once in awhile you come across a band that encompasses a look and sound unlike the standard.  Doghouse Rose is not your average run of the mill country band——far from it.  So, it is no surprise that their unique brand that they label “rebel country”  with its mélange of diverse influences from  country, rock, punk, hillbilly and metal has helped create an impressive following throughout Europe and Canada.

Their  first self-titled album release was well-received and even though the band have been known to play everywhere from prisons and dive bars to festivals and honky tonks, Doghouse Rose is the the real-deal “live” experience.

Bourbon & Gasoline, their second release,  delivers 12 tracks of edgy country music  such as songs “Dead or Alive”,  “40 Days”,  ballad “Warning” , toe-tapping “Wild West” with a twist and borderlines dark, and moody , mixed with a fun and old-school vibe.  The unapologetic  attitude brought about by excellent  lead vocalist Sarah Beth and the band’s diverse sound  will definitely have an effect whatever your genre of music.

Recommended to keep it on repeat…and welcome to rebel country.

Connect with  DogHouse Rose:

I’m Giosi, a freelance writer from Montreal, Quebec. My world of words is fueled by my passion for music and movies. I am a rock’n’roll type gal- a die-hard fan of British rockers Def Leppard (consequently, my first interview!) and the reason I did try guitar lessons for 2 yrs. I’m the girl you always call for “road trips”…there is nothing like feeling the music live and feeding off the energy of the crowd. The connection between the fan and the artist is how I like to describe my interviews. Every experience captivates its own story.

I love to explore new artists’ music because I believe all genres of music are interlocked. Currently, I’m loving the sounds of country music especially our homegrown talent !

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