Review – Kieran Mercer

EP: Help Me Help You
Release Date: February 26, 2016
Genre: Pop

Kieran Mercer is an upcoming Canadian musician originally from British Columbia.  Mercer’s music seems to lean toward pop/rock/folk influences, that are showcased on his new EP Help Me Help You.  Kieran was the front man from the band “Jackie Valentine” prior to embarking on his new solo adventure.

I had the chance to have a pre-listen to this EP before it hits stores and iTunes.  The first song “Bang Bang” is one that has already been released as a single, so some of you may have heard it.  This song is very catchy, and pop/rock-ish in sound.  I can see why it was chosen as the first single, because it is for sure an attention grabbing song, one that would probably easily get caught in your head for days.

The next song “Let Me Fall”- has a different vibe altogether, which shows off Mercer’s vocal range compared to the first single.  As I listened it stuck out to me, that he really does have several different abilities to his sound when he sings. Something about his tone or his voice makes me think of an updated Paul Simon!

There is a great variance in vibes on the EP, such as the song “Open up”, which offers an almost Bee-Gee like groove to it.

I think this is one Canadian that we should all keep watching.  He is also joining Mariana’s Trench, and Walk off the Earth this Spring on his first Arena Tour- which sounds like it will be one amazing concert!

Connect with Kieran Mercer:

I wear many hats, such as working full time as an ophthalmic assistant, Birth Doula, selling Younique- and now I also have taken up writing with Canadian Beats. I have always enjoyed writing, and I am so excited to be doing it again. We all need outlets and this for me is something that I love to do. Music has always been a big part of my life, and attending concerts is one of my favorite things to do. The energy that I get from seeing a band play live is like no other, I think it’s almost an addiction for me!
I tend to lean towards rock, alternative, indie, folk and acoustic music- but I am also open to listening to something new too! Maybe I’ll see you around at a concert!

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