Interview – Harrison

By: Remington Fioraso

Harrison is a producer hailing from Toronto, Ontario.  He released his debut album, an EP, entitled Colours in April 2015.  A remix for his track You’re Light was made by Star Slinger. I had the opportunity to conduct an email interview with the singer.

What inspired you to pursue music? 

I just wanted to make people happy.

How would you describe your shows to individuals who have yet to see you? 

It’s more like a fun DJ with some weird transitions and lots of dancing!

How has the reception been for your EP, Colors? 

It’s been great. I’m extremely grateful. I honestly didn’t except it to be so great.

How did you begin working with Maddee? 

Her older brother showed me that she could sing. We did one song just for fun and it sort of snowballed from there.

What have been the responses so far in regards to the new Star Slinger remix of You’re Light?

Star Slingers fans are pretty loyal and they love it. So do I! I think it’s fricken awesome actually.

On your Facebook page, you asked “What does music mean to you?”  What is your response to this?

It’s honestly my life. That’s pretty much it hahaha

Who are your favourite Canadian artists? 

Deebs, Purity Ring, Alvvays, Ryan Hemsworth that list could go on forever

What is your favourite movie? 

Whatever Works

What songs are currently on repeat for you? 

Archie, Marry Me – Alvvays

What was the first show you went to? 

Onra I think

What is your favourite thing to do in Toronto? 

Sit near the beach

Finally, is there anything else you would like to say to your fans? 

Just keep trying and you’ll get there.


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