Review – Beth Moore

By: Amanda Hather

Album – Five Out Of Ten
iTunes Link – 

Release Date – March 31st, 2015
Genre – Indie/Pop Folk

Beth Moore is an indie/pop folk artist from Saint Catherines, Ontario. Singing and playing the guitar with her band Jeff Luciani (drums), Tim Abraham (music director, multi-instrumental), Brandon Davis (bass), and Jakub Zapotoczny (keys, bass, backup vocals), she has released her sophomore album ‘Five Out Of Ten’. Beth has performed more than an astounding 600 times, including the Canada Day celebrations at Parliament Hill in 2012. She has also won Artist of the Year and Folk Artists of the Year at the 2011 Niagara Music Awards, as well as being the winner of the CBC Expand Your Bandwidth Contest in 2013. Her latest endeavor contains 11 tracks.

When I first pressed play on her album, I was immediately hooked. “Hardest Days” has such a diverse sound within itself and combines different instruments and melodies perfectly with her voice. “Maybe It’s OK” is absolutely beautiful with her vocals that have an almost haunting quality to them and the gentle guitar playing. “Love Now” also has superb guitar playing and is one of those songs that you can just sit back and relax to. My other favourites from the album would have to be “Ok Ok”, and “Carried Away”.

This album definitely does not deserve a five out of ten. From start to finish it’ll keep you hooked and leave you wishing it didn’t end. The balance between faster and slower songs is just right and makes it the perfect album to keep on repeat. The vocals on the album are showcased brilliantly and allow you to hear her raw talent. If you hadn’t listened to her music before, make sure that you don’t stop with this album.

Rating: 5/5

Connect with Beth Moore:

I’m a Toronto girl born and raised but have been living in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick since 2010. Music and writing are my two passions, so what better place for me to be than a writer with Canadian Beats? I have been writing for the blog since May of 2013 and have had so many great experiences because of it. I listen to almost every kind of music but my favourites are pop rock, rock, indie, folk, and any other combinations of them. Concerts are definitely my favourite place to be, especially when you’re right against the barricade and can feel the energy from the band and the crowd, everyone singing the same lyrics and moving to the music. I also have a college degree in Business Administration and hope to one day be able to publish a novel.

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