Review – Hiverna

By: Jordyn Meade-Baxter

Album – II. Macabre
Download Link –
Release Date – June 6, 2014
Genre – Folk Black Metal

French Black Metal Band, Hiverna, released their newest album last month called “II. Macabre”.  After forming in 2006, this is their third release. The preceding albums are “L’Aube Septentrionale” (2008) and “I. Folklore” (2010).

“II. Macabre” is a really great blend of folk and metal. Admittedly, I was confused how you could combine the two to make it sound good, but Hiverna has done it. You get the typical metal sound (hard guitar riffs, and great drums) mixed with the historical sounding folk instruments (mandolins and flutes) and voila! In my opinion, this is what you would get if you brought modern day metal artists into a medieval tavern and got them to play together- some very awesome music.

Although I am fluent in French as well, the combination of the language with the screaming of the metal genre makes it a bit harder to understand for me. That doesn’t change my opinion on the music; it only enhances the music behind the vocals. This is a great album for anyone who enjoys either genres. Some of my favourite songs on this album are “Le Satyre” because it has emphasis on the folk music in the intro to the song and then eases in to the metal, but doesn’t hide the folk. It has a really great blend. My other favourite is “Le Grand Bucher”. It has that little introduction but the metal sound is more prominent. This demonstrates that they are easily able to do both and are very versatile.

Rating: 4.5/5

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