Review – Callia Bara

By: Lizzie Sharpe

Music Link –
Release Date – 2014
Genre – Pop/Easy Listening

Callia Bara is a singer/songwriter out of Montreal, Quebec. She is inspired by many things and has a lot of inspirations such as Old Hollywood film. Callia Bara has been intro the music scene since she was young, doing choir and band during her school days.

Callia Bara has recently released a new EP called ‘Lullabies For Lost Girls’. It is her second EP released. There is five tracks, there are covers of other great songs. The EP is full of slow, easy listening songs. The lyrics are very well written and speaks volumes to the listener. The song that I really liked from the EP after listening to it a couple times is ‘Everything Or Nothing At All’ It was a soft song and really matched my current mood.

‘Lullabies For Lost Girls’ is available for free download for the month of May and June. I suggest everyone to check it out and enjoy some good music.

Rating 3/ 5

Connect with Callia Bara

My names Lizzie also known as LizzieFizzie. I’m 23 years of age, residing in Ontario and about to start my second year in childhood education. When I’m not drowning in assignments or deadlines I love going to concerts or small intimate shows. My pass time is usually spent listening to music, with friends or my furbabies. I love pop/rock music but slowly getting into the country scene. Some of my favorite canadian artist consist of Hedley, Marianas Trench, and Halfway To Hollywood. I could honestly list then all but it’d be a long list.

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