Pre-Release Review – Faraway Neighbours

By: Amanda Hather

Album – I May Never Find Home
Release Date – May 31, 2014
Genre – Alternative Folk

North Bay, Ontario trio, Faraway Neighbours are set to release their sophomore album on May 31st, 2014. ‘I May Never Find Home’ has 11 tracks of a mix of slow and faster folk sounding songs. The softer sounding music gives their music a relaxed feel to it.

Some songs that you should really check out if you are a fan of this genre are “She Left The House”, “Long Time Listener”, and “Bad Advice”. There is also an instrumental track, “Setting Forth”, which showcases the bands’ musical ability and is really pleasant and relaxing to listen to. It gives off a cheery, springtime vibe – perfect to help you forget the winter that seemed to last forever.

I liked some parts of this album over others, but all in all it is really well put together and has a good flow to it. Some of the songs are a bit slower than what I am used to listening to, but given the right mood I could thoroughly enjoy this album. If you like folk or acoustic music this album would be perfect for you to listen to.

Rating: 3/5

Faraway Neighbours on social media:

I’m a Toronto girl born and raised but have been living in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick since 2010. Music and writing are my two passions, so what better place for me to be than a writer with Canadian Beats? I have been writing for the blog since May of 2013 and have had so many great experiences because of it. I listen to almost every kind of music but my favourites are pop rock, rock, indie, folk, and any other combinations of them. Concerts are definitely my favourite place to be, especially when you’re right against the barricade and can feel the energy from the band and the crowd, everyone singing the same lyrics and moving to the music. I also have a college degree in Business Administration and hope to one day be able to publish a novel.
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