Pre-Release Review – Suns of Static

By: Jordyn Meade-Baxter

Album – Rise
Release Date – May 24th, 2014
Genre – Alt Rock

Brandon Taylor, BiL Cassidy, Darrin McMillan and Jordan Bulhoes make up the Kingston alternative rock band, Suns of Static. They will be releasing their newest album, Rise, on May 24th.

One thing I absolutely loved about this album was their sound. Not only was the strong vocals that amped up “Rise”, but there were plenty of bass and drums that pulled through. It really adds to the rock feel when you hear those instruments at their full strength and they pull through to the foreground of the music.

I am also a big sucker for the openers and closing songs of albums. For me, they have to be strong and/or leave a lasting impression. On Rise, the opening song, “Hideaway”, was bold and gave the album a nice strong bang to the entrance. Then, their closing song, “Sanctuary” was softer and left a sense of calm with you to the very last note.

Overall, this album would be a really good addition to any rock fan’s playlist, as well as some alternatives and hybrid genres such as punk rock.

Rating: 4/5

Connect with Suns of Static:

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