Review – Canyon Carvers

By: Amanda Hather

Album – Aside and Beside
Bandcamp Link –
Release Date – April 26th, 2014
Genre – Alternative Pop

Canyon Carvers is a four piece band from Welland, Ontario. Their debut album has eight tracks that have a mix of raw sounding instruments and amusing lyrics.

My favourite songs off of the album would have to be “Girl” and “Information Haze”. “Girl” sounds as if it was recorded in a live setting with the cheering crowd, contributing to the raw sound that is constant throughout the album. I absolutely love the guitar in the beginning of “Information Haze”. “Wish I Knew (2002)” has some of the most amusing lyrics that I’ve heard in a long time, particularly the opening verse.

All in all, the album is impressive for a debut album. Those who like a more indie sound to music would probably enjoy this album.

Rating: 3/5

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