Interview – Kiss of the King

By: Jenna Melanson

Kiss of The King is a band from Vancouver, Canada featuring Brooklyn Chase (Vocals/ Guitar), Justin Sarris (Guitar) and Robbie Sheldrick (Drums).

Their debut EP “The Dawn of Sacrifice” will be available online tomorrow, August 12, 2013. You are not going to want to miss this!

I was given the chance to ask Brooklyn and Justin a few questions, so here you go:

How did you choose the name Kiss of the King?

JS: Kiss of the King was a name that Brooklyn came up when we were throwing out ideas. Coming up with a name is usually one of my least favorite parts of starting a new project, but this one stuck right from the beginning.

BC: I’ll be straight up here and let you know that in all honesty when I originally came up with the name I truly had no f**king idea what it meant! I couldn’t tell ya how it popped into my head what so ever..all I knew in that moment was, holy shit I’ve just came up with the greatest name for our band!! for the longest time I really didn’t know what it meant.. it was literally this interview that helped me figure its meaning out!

How? well it found us.. What does it mean? well I’ve come to realize “Kiss Of The King” in literal terms is referenced to the Kiss Of The King.. you think back to the iron ages and the days of castles and knights and you think, the biggest blessing or gift to be given is the blessing of the king you know?  how its always seen as like a knight kisses the kings hand in a sign of respect? well then it must be the absolute highest form of gratitude and respect to be given the kiss of the king.. so in that regards it translates into what I subconsciously felt that day of what our band was.. the name had to be the greatest name ever in the sense that I as well as Sarris were ready to create the most powerful and deeply personal music either of us had ever dreamed of.

How does the music differ from your previous band, Secret Revolution?

BC: Secret Rev was and always will be one of the greatest POP PUNK bands of all time and that pretty much sums it up! the music me and Roxy Danger created in Secret Rev was inspired by and intended to be great fucking Pop Punk music that’s it! we both wanted to for once in our careers embrace our love for the genre and we did just that and f**king aced it if you ask me haha! Kiss Of The King though is so unbridled musically but finds itself in a yin yang like balance with the harder and more aggressive emotion blended with the power and pop emotion.. to me our sound is unlike any other and I’m proud to say we stand on our own rather than high fiving a genre choice.. we just make the music that’s in our hearts and that’s what we will always do.

If you only used ONE word to describe Kiss of the King’s sound, what would it be?

JS: “Attitude” works well with the music combined with Brook’s lyrics. For the music “energy”.

BC: “Real” straight up!

Let us in on a secret, what is the first single called? When can we hear it?

JS: the first single is called “Victim” and the EP “The Dawn Of Sacrifice” debuts in August
BC: expect a music video in the early weeks of August!

Who is your biggest musical influence?
JS: My biggest three have always been Iron Maiden, Guns n Roses, and Pink Floyd. For KOTK there’s a fair bit of Avenged Sevenfold in there as well.

BC: top 3 musical influences hands down are Alice Cooper, Angels and Airwaves and The Ataris!

If you were to put together a festival show, which bands would you include?

JS: I’d love to play with Avenged. Of course Maiden is still playing festivals, and that would be a dream come true to play on a bill with them.

BC: I would put together a two day festival with day one having Avenged Sevenfold, Pierce The Veil and Alice Cooper headlining then for day two I’d have The Ataris, Mayday Parade and Angels and Airwaves

If you could collaborate with any musician, who would you choose?

JS: There are a few local musicians id love to work with. But I’m gonna keep their identities a secret until we can actually put it together..

BC: Tom Delonge.. musically there is something that is undeniable when I say that he has literally helped shape and guide my every step as a musician.. his lyrics and messages for every band hes been apart of are absolutely stellar, his melodies and talent of the greatest melodic riffs ever written sets him aside for me and I would truly have a big dream of mine come true if I’m ever able to write with Tom.

What is the first concert you remember attending?

JS: The Doobie Brothers at City Park in Kelowna when I was four.

BC: the right answer would have to be Linkin Park with Swollen Members at the Orpheum in Vancouver back when I was like 13 or 14 but the truest answer would be Nirvana when I was like 5 or 6.

Some quick questions and answers now.

Favorite song:

JS: Hallowed be thy Name by Iron Maiden
BC: Caught In A Dream (Brutally Live version) by Alice Cooper

Favorite color?

JS: Black. And all you “it’s a shade” douchebags can just stop right now. It’s black.
BC: I’m gonna agree with Justin on this one!Favorite Actor and Actress?

Favorite social media site?:
JS: I don’t stray far from the Facebook.
BC: tie between Twitter and Instagram

Favorite animal:

JS: Doesn’t get better than an awesome dog.
BC: yes it does.. a Wolf!

Favorite super hero?

JS: Superman
BC: Batman

And last but not least, what do you want to say to your fans?

JS: Forever thank you for your support. Ill have more to say after you’ve heard the EP 🙂

BC: there’s so many of you from my previous band who have followed me here and I cant stress how grateful I am for your undying support over the years you mean the world to me.. I’m positive this band and this new adventure will change your world! thank you to every single soul who lends us their time and ears so that we can return the favor of giving you a soundtrack to life.

I’m Jenna, and I am the founder and editor of Canadian Beats. I have had a strong love for Canadian music, which started with Hedley. I have a passion for promoting these talented Canadian bands and artists, and that’s how Canadian Beats came to be. I am so proud of what it has become over the last few years, with many talented music lovers and writers coming together to spread the word of Canada’s music.

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