Friday Playlist – Rainy Day Tunes

Friday Playlist - Rainy Day Tunes

Ever just sit back on a rainy day and listen to some good songs? Well if you are looking for some perfect “Rainy Day Tunes”, here are our lists!

Jeanette’s Picks

Stormy – Hedley
Astronaut – Simple Plan
Lost In Paradise – Faber Drive

Amanda’s Picks:

You and I Tonight – Faber Drive
September – Marianas Trench
Invincible – Hedley

Tara’s Picks:

Northern Wind – City and Color
Rain Delays – Crash Parallel
MLK – Our Lady Peace

Warren’s Picks:

Raining Down – Baytown
Heavy Rain – Chris Kirby
Rainy Saturday – Hayden

Yanna’s Picks:

Stormy – Hedley
Sticks & Stones – Cat Thomson
Banner – Lights

Jenna’s Picks:

Hurricane – Theory of a Deadman
Cloudbreak – Andy Brown
Standing in the rain – Billy Talent

I’m Jenna, and I am the founder and editor of Canadian Beats. I have had a strong love for Canadian music, which started with Hedley. I have a passion for promoting these talented Canadian bands and artists, and that’s how Canadian Beats came to be. I am so proud of what it has become over the last few years, with many talented music lovers and writers coming together to spread the word of Canada’s music.

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