Sound Check Sunday – Open Sails

For this week’s Sound Check Sunday, I am pleased to inform you about a band that is (shockingly) not from Vancouver! Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Open Sails is a pop-rock band consisting of Joy Lynn (vocals), Jared Christopher (lead guitar), Terence Gillespie (bass), Chris Doi (rhythm guitar), and Casey Adams (drums).
Formed in 2012, Open Sails have already released their first single called, “Breakdown,” along with it’s video.

You can buy “Breakdown” on Itunes here:

While working towards the release of their first record, Open Sails have already begun their ascend into becoming a well-known Canadian band.

Recently, they have had the opportunity to play with amazing bands such as Brighter Brightest and The Red Threat. They are also preparing for their upcoming show with Silverstein, The Wonder Years, and Kingsland.

You can buy tickets to their upcoming show here:

Make sure to keep looking back here for upcoming news on Open Sails and also check out their websites below.


-Aurianna Brien- Canadian Beats

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